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Thursday, December 3, 2020

Follow-Up Vet Appointment for Wendy

 Good morning,

Two days after Wendy had her encounter with the glass in our entertainment center (see yesterday's post) and visit to MedVet for Sunday Morning embroidery on her leg, we were at our regular vet for a check of the stitches and change of bandage.

 Wendy is in the exam room and waiting patiently on the table.  Doc will raise it to examine her.

 Our pups love coming here to see Dr. Gaston.

 He not only has a wonderful gentle manner with the pups,

he has excellent cookies.
He has removed the blue bandage she received at MedVet, cleaned the wound, and replaced the bandage with a pink one with hearts.  Wendy is also wearing a plastic bootie that she will wear every time she goes outside to keep her bandage from getting wet and dirty.
Wendy is very patient.
Are you finished yet Doctor?

Thank you for everything.  I'm ready to leave now....

We will take the bandage off in another 48 hours so the area can be exposed to the air, then Wendy will need to wear a party hat (cone) so that she can't lick the area.  She is quite good about following directions, but we can't take any chances.

Dr. Gaston will remove the stitches two weeks from the date of her injury.  

Stay tuned.



gigi-hawaii said...

Good to see.

Tanya said...

Wendy looks a bit perplexed. Is she limping at all? Poor baby!

Lois Evensen said...

No, Tanya, Wendy is not limping. We don't think her injury will affect her dock diving. We'll know about that the next time she participates in the Spring. Today we are going to the Vet to have her stitches removed. If all is well, we hope she won't need her party hat after that.