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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Wild Morning Glories

Good morning,

The wild morning glories are pretty from a distance, but can cause havoc in the garden as they cover other plants and flowers.  It seems the tiny black ants are enjoying this one.

Back in the old days of a healthy back, I spent plenty of time in the garden pulling out unwanted plants and grooming those we wanted.  Now I sit back and appreciate almost all of them as they help themselves to my garden.

This particular critter has latched on to a rose bush.  I'll surely cut this wild morning glory back.  It will be good to get a few cooler days so I can spend some time outside.  I'll just let the flowers do their own thing while the temps are in the 90s.

Ah, Summer....


1 comment:

gigi-hawaii said...

Wow, that is a hot temperature. I would not want to work in my garden in that heat. Our highest here in Hawaii is 88F. The coolest is 74F.