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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Walk into Town - Bardstown, Kentucky

Good morning,

We walked from the Civil War Museum area into Bardstown to have some lunch before the battle reenactment.  Everywhere you turn in Bardstown you find more historical markers.
Fighters from Bardstown even participated in the War of Texas Independence.
This is a part of the museum complex that we didn't visit.  We were on our way into town and wanted to have lunch and get back in time for the battle that we had heard so much about earlier.
Beautiful old homes are so well cared for.

We at lunch at Mammy's where we had eaten dinner the night before.  Images of our dinner at Mammy's are here.
 We could have hailed a taxi, but walking was good for us.  ;)
 Antiques and crafts are for sale everywhere in Bardstown. 

 And, there are churches on almost every corner.
 What a beautiful day in Bardstown.
 A half block from the Methodist Church is the Presbyterian Church.

 We enjoyed our walk "off the main drag" of Bardstown as we headed back to the Civil War encampment for the afternoon.

More to come!  I hope you continue to enjoy these images as much as we enjoyed being in Bardstown.

All the best,


Nedra said...

Having never been to Kentucky, it's nice to see a bit of history through your eyes. Love the stained glass window on the church!

Judy said...

I'm enjoying them immensely.

Deere Driver said...

I'm way behind and catching up on the last week. Its nice to see green and sun! You've got to come my way to see the Fort Ligonier enactments sometime.

Love the crafts on the sidewalk.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures and yes, I am enjoying the tour! Have a great weekend, Lois.

TexWisGirl said...

love the summery blooms. pretty town! the pots perched on that table above the concrete/brick made me nervous!

Montanagirl said...

You saw so many unique and beautiful things! The architecture always interests me - and I too, love that stained glass window.

Cindy said...

What fun photos, looks like I need to put Kentucky on my list of places to visit.
Beautiful photos.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

So very quaint and looks so welcoming and pleasant. I'm sure the people are too.

Judith said...

What great photo's. I have never heard of Bardstown but it sure looks worth a visit. Enjoy your time there.

EG Wow said...

If I'm ever again in Kentucky I MUST visit Bardstown.

NixBlog said...

Great shots, Lois. It's great to read your post and come on a virtual trip with you.

grammie g said...

Hi Lois...I've just caught up with you from the war zone to the peace and love of the churches in Bardstown!!
From the lady in the big puffy dress and bonnet to pottery on the streets...a lovely visit..and the Cockscomb plant is lovely!!