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Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Crosley Company - Cincinnati History

Good morning,

There was an automobile company in Cincinnati, but you won't see their cars on the streets today.  The Crosley company made more than cars, too. 
The cars were  before my time, but I remember my parents pointing one out here and there when I was a child.  What I do remember from the Crosley company was the TV we had in our living room.   Ours was bigger than the one shown in the picture so was surely a newer model.  We also had Crosley radios.
This small car was built for efficiency during WWII. 

I love our Cincinnati History museum.  It's fun for us to go back and remember and it's a wonderful way to explain our lives back then to our children and grand children.

All the best,


Sherry said...

I must be older than you because I can remember when these were on the road! Do you remember when most cars were black? Of course, in the South, where they don't have to be concerned with salt on the roads (for melting snow) rusting out cars, people can keep a car longer.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

How fun....what a great, wonderful post of the days gone by. And I so remember the huge TV with the miniscule screen...and when there were no more programs for the night, the last thing before the static 'snow' was the American Flag and the national anthem.

Oh boy....am I ancient, or what?

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Anonymous said...

There are 2 of those cars here in town. We see them in the car shows in the summer. One is owned locally and is a younger guy and the other is an older fella who lives in Charleston about 23 miles down the road. What a great meuseum! I remember our old TV. lol ...debbie

missing moments said...

I don't think I ever saw one of those cars but amazing they made all those products.

TexWisGirl said...

that's really cool! surely wasn't familiar with that name!

vicki said...

Hi Lois-
Another wonderful place practically in our back yard that we did not know about!! I've added this to our must do list as well! I love that you have become our tour guide for all these wonderful places to visit!!

Stay safe and cozy this winter girlfriend!

Montanagirl said...

Fun! Love that TV and car. That's back when "cars were cars"!!

Elaine said...

I didn't realize the Crosleys were built in Cincinnati. Fun to remember the old TVs and everyone gathered around to watch the Ed Sullivan Show, Red Skelton, Gunsmoke, and Wagon Train, to name just a few.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

My parent had a Crosley radio which was white and in the kitchen. Back then, the radio was on most of the day in homes.

Olive Knitting said...

I LOVE that car.

Don't you kind of wonder what things that are in our house now will, in a very short time, be museum pieces?