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Monday, January 30, 2012

Farm Road in Tennessee

Good morning,

Regular readers know we love road trips.  We often get off of the Interstate and take a few back roads to see what we can see.
We got off the highway this time because we saw some interesting clouds and changing weather coming. 
We ended up on a farm road rich with images trying to jump into our cameras.  My Honey was driving while I took pictures from the window of the car.
A little more barn/garage was needed for this truck. 
Cows and tractors are to be found here according to signage. 
 The people we saw in cars and working their farms were all very friendly.  They waved, we waved, they waved, we waved....  I figure that was a test to see if we were friendly.  ;)
 We managed to drive around the mountain and ended up on a private road. 
 We never did get any pictures of the unusual clouds we thought me might find over here, but we did exchange waves with some friendly people and get some fun pictures.

Road trips are so much fun, especially when we take the time to get off of the main highway once in awhile.  :)

All the very best,


Judy said...

I love taking back roads when we travel. When we moved to Wisconsin we waved to people and some waved and some didn't. I like it when they wave :)

Jan n Jer said...

Great pics, I love that first one. It is lots of fun to get off the beaten path for adventure n photo ops!

Diana said...

On the road again! That's the song in my mind that this post inspired!
Farmers always wave. So I guess they 're just a friendly bunch!
Love Di ♥

TexWisGirl said...

gotta love the country...

Anonymous said...

That is really neat that hubby will go "off road" to see what you can see!! Bob would NEVER DO THAT!!
I love to do that but he doesn't share my adventurious spirit....debbie

Montanagirl said...

Usually the best "stuff" if off the main roads/highways. I'm glad you did it, then shared it with us!

Elaine said...

Back roads are the most fun! If we have a choice that's the way we go.