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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wrapping Up June, 2011

Good morning,

My how time flies.  Here it is the end of June already.  I have a few unrelated images taken this month on board Freedom of the Seas.  The man above is one of the Windjammer Greeters.  It's fun to watch the faces of the guests as they approach the Windjammer for breakfast and this man turns morning yawns into laughs and smiles.  Of course, he is also here to remind everyone to sanitize their hands before entering the dining area. 
This pretty ceramic wall decoration was given to us by lovely friends who have cruised with us before.  Our new little Cheffie will find a home on the wall of our kitchen where we will think of our friends every time we see him.
The above image was taken from our stateroom on an absolutely gorgeous sea day.  The sea was so smooth and calm the ship just slid through the water.
And, this final image was taken from Cloud Nine, a private party room on Deck 14.  The view is of a rainy, misty evening along the shoreline of Jamaica.  We can clearly see patches of mist in one area and rain in another.  What a beautiful view.

And, so ends June, 2011.  We hope your June was as beautiful as ours.

All the best,

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Marie said...

What a beautiful June you had! Looks like a wonderful trip. I am so glad that you are able to travel. As always, thanks for your kind comments on my blog.

Anonymous said...

What a great festive plate! June did fly by, that's for sure! Pretty photos of the ship...maybe some day...debbie

Nedra said...

The American flag showing through the window is a perfect 4th of July photo.
Thanks for all the June pictures.

Lois Evensen said...

Good morning,

Yes, June was wonderful. We will be going home soon to a very hot July and August.

Nedra, I already have a similar picture with the flag in the window formatted to use on the Fourth of July. You are reading my mind. I love taking picture through my window because the beautiful view keeps changing. Every morning we wake up somewhere else. :)

Thanks, everyone, for stopping by and for your very kind comments.


texwisgirl said...

love the shot of the flag thru the window. really neat.

Judy said...

I've been loving your cruise...I wish my June had been like yours :)

Martha said...

Thanks for the great pictures!! It feels like I have been on a cruise. Where are "we" going in July? Can't wait to board.

grammie g said...

HI Lois...The end of June..it kind of makes me sad!!
Love the sanitizer man hahaha...what a fun job!!
Your photo out the port hole with the flag and the gorgeous sky..it is wonderful and so fitting with the 4Th coming right up...
Makes me want to break out in song ..Oh beautiful for spacious skies......America..America ....... from sea to shining sea!!
Yes maybe I have been in the sun to much or not taking my med's hahaha!!
Love Grace!!

Lois Evensen said...


I really shouldn't have used that flag in the window so soon! I have another similar one already formatted for the 4th that says "From Sea to Shining Sea." As you know, I can only upload my images while in Port Canaveral on Sundays so I work a little in advance. I think there is another ship in the background on the image for the 4th, though. ;)

In July we will be on our way North again. We both look forward to the road trip. :))) My blog will lag a little while we are in transit, but will catch up again as always. I look forward to my Internet connection at home so I can check in to your blogs every day instead of once a week as it is here on board since we have limited band width while at sea. We do always have email 24/7 which is wonderful compared to the old snail mail days. ;)

Thanks, everyone, for stopping by and your comments.


Montanagirl said...

Love the "flag" shot, and that last one shows the beauty of what you are seeing. Nice work.