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Saturday, June 11, 2011


Good morning,

Here is an area of Freedom of the Seas that I haven't shown you yet.  This is the Production Studio that is located on Deck 3.  It is where all of the incoming TV channels are coordinated to appear on stateroom TVs.  It's also where those production people work on the on-board productions.  It's a much bigger operation than most people realize.

In addition to being able to keep up with the news in the "Real World" outside cruising, there is a channel only for Dreamworks movies such as Shrek and all the others. I hadn't realized there are so many Dreamworks movies!  We've gone over to that channel many times to find one we haven't seen before.  We understand Kung Fu Panda II will be here soon, too!  We not only enjoy the movies, we love being able to talk movies with the grand kids.  ;)
Of course, this is a cruise ship, so this is the bar next to the RCTV studios.  ;)  It is a sports bar where you can find current games and cheer with other fans.

On the opposite side of this room is the entrance to the Ice Skating Rink.  If you cruise on a Royal Caribbean Voyager, Freedom, or Oasis class ship, don't miss the ice show!  My images of the ice show are here.

It seems I always find something different to show you aboard Freedom of the Seas.




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Elaine said...

Even the working part of the ship are beautiful! We haven't been watching a lot of movies lately, but we do seem to gravitate to the children's movies. I'm not sure if that means we're into our second childhood or not....