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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Morning in Labadee

Good morning,

Here we are at one of Royal Caribbean's private destinations, Labadee. 
We tie up just as the sun is coming over the other side of the mountain to greet us.  I'm standing on Deck 4 of Freedom of the Seas as more and more blue fills up my camera. 
Labadee has changed dramatically since I first started coming here years ago.  With the addition of the larger ships in the fleet a dock was added so ships don't have to tender guests ashore.  Also new are more water sports and an area for suite guests where they can have a private cabana by the sea.  Ah, the luxury.
 Another big part of the day at Labadee is the picnic lunch.  As guests are departing to visit the island, the picnic lunch is being packed to go ashore.
 My have times changed. I remember when a few crates of picnic food were loaded on a tender and landed for the lunch.  Now it's a smooth-running major production to provide food on the island.
 Also all lined up are wheel chairs that can navigate the beach sand so everyone can have a good time.
Another day I will go ashore and take lots of pictures again.  I've been here before and know Labadee is a photographer's wonderland.





Good to be a Queen said...

Oh How I Want To Come Sailing You!!! All your pics are AWESOME!!!
Happy Cruising my Friend!

Anonymous said...

Those wheel chairs really had some funky lookin' wheels!! Looked more like a dune buggy! lol Bet they ride real well!! enjoyed the pics...debbie

Montanagirl said...

Great fun! I have no desire to go on a cruise ship, but I love traveling with you vicariously.

pumbaamd said...

All that stuff going ashore reminds us of the tons and tons of goods that have been going to Labadee via RCCL ships since the recent Haitian tragedies. RCCL ships have carried a tremendous amount of relief cargo to the people of Haiti. We were on the Oasis' Labadee maiden voyage for the dedication of the pier. There was quite a celebration there among RCCL and the people of Haiti. Here's hoping that the Haitians are doing much better today.
Deirdra and Rick

karen said...

hope you enjoyed your picnic!! You have such a hard life!!!! x

EG Wow said...

I'm impressed there are wheelchairs that run on sand! I look forward to seeing your photos of the island.