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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rain Clouds Over Cozumel, Mexico

Good morning,

It's amazing how fast the weather can change in the Caribbean. 
I took these images from deck 4 of Freedom of the Seas.
As I strolled around the deck, that dark cloud slipped over Cozumel and the guests returning to the ship.
There was definitely rain involved, but it was so fast that it disappeared as fast as it arrived.
 As I walked to the aft end of the ship the clouds passed the ship and headed off into the distance.
 On the opposite side of the ship, the sky was sunny and beautiful.

Ah, yes, changing weather in the Caribbean. 




Montanagirl said...

Very beautiful!

texwisgirl said...

i like the first photo - the cloud is forming a pyramid too!

Nedra said...

Even the rain clouds make Mexico look beautiful.

grammie g said...

Hi lois..beautiful even with a passing rain...

HBFG said...

Great colors in those photos! We got plenty rain clouds here as well, the last few weeks have been very moist to say the least, but also warm and humid. The pastures are incredibly lush and the horses and cows just can't keep up eating...
Greetings from a very green Sweden!

Elaine said...

It's amazing how quickly the weather can change. The docks must be new at Cozumel. When we were there maybe 10 years ago we had a very bumpy ride in on a little boat. I had been wearing a motion sickness patch, but even with that I almost lost it.