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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Port Canaveral to Savannah

Good morning,

There was very little traffic when we pulled up to the checkout booth at Port Canaveral after leaving Freedom of the Seas very early.  This parking and cruising arrangement is so very convenient.
We had just been on board for one week this time so My Honey could attend a meeting.  It seems we are driving this route so often, which we are, but the same as cruises, every trip is very different.
It was nice having the early morning sun behind us. 
The weather was perfect and there was little traffic.
You've seen this scene before if you've been here for some of our other trips. 
The water was very still and there were a few people fishing.  You can fish from your boat, stand in the water, or...
...fish from the end of a dock.  Such a pretty morning.
 We didn't realize it at the time, but this clear air was soon going to be clogged with smoke.
 We had plenty of smoke from fires on the way to Port Canaveral last week and here we are again facing smoke.
 I think there were three separate fires.
 By the time we got up to Daytona Beach, though,
 the Sunshine State was sunny once again.
 Do you remember the rest stops of many years ago?  I remember lots of trees, some picnic tables, and fancy "out houses" back when I was traveling by car with my parents.  There have been great improvements, haven't there!  This stop is in Florida.
 I never pass an opportunity to get a picture of Old Glory.  This one turned out better than expected.  I thought the flag was pretty still when I took it.
 Jacksonville!  This time we would go straight through instead of taking the bypass to go straight home because we are on the way to Savannah, Georgia, today.
 Sometimes I feel we are driving through a giant bowl of spaghetti.
 Beautiful downtown Jacksonville.
 Beautiful skies on this trip again.  I love it!
 And, here we are in Georgia!
 I am so happy with the new Canon PowerShot.  It is so easy to grab the camera and shoot.  I get some pretty good shots with this camera while we are moving at 70 mph.  I get my wrists in the side mirror pretty often, too.  ;)
 We spent one night at the Savannah I-95 North-Hampton Inn.  This was our first time at this particular hotel.  It's quite nice and is in just the right place for our regular journeys between Florida and Ohio.  I'm sure we'll stay here again.

Tomorrow we will be up early and on our way to North Carolina. 

I hope you've enjoyed our trip today from the land of summer clothes to the land of sweaters and Fall leaves.  We are so looking forward to tomorrow when our vacation begins in The Great Smoky Mountains!

Very best,



Diana said...

Very nice photos of your journey Lois. I hope you enjoy your stay in the Smokies.It should be beautiful this time of year. Love Di ♥

Anonymous said...

Neat shots of all the Highways and Biways and water! What a nice clear day to travel!! Should be a chilly ride home. It's pretty chilly here. Looks warm, but tis not so! ...debbie

Ann Nichols said...

How fun Lois! And it brings back such wonderful memories of my high school and university years spent in Florida! Your trips are so much fun! Thanks for sharing!
(Can't wait to see pics of the Smokies now!)

Elaine said...

Looks like you had a beautiful day for a drive! Some of the rest stops have gotten pretty fancy, haven't they? They are one of the advantages to traveling on the freeways. You can't always count on finding restrooms when you are traveling on the backroads.