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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Catalpa Tree Stump Removal

Good morning,

While we were driving home from the Great Smoky Mountains our daughter, Catherine, called to tell us The Tree People were back to grind the stump of the tree they had taken down earlier
I asked Catherine to take some pictures for me and here they are.
It's pretty cool to see how this is done considering how huge and deep the roots of the tree are.
As huge as the stump grinder is, this was a one man job.
As soon as he got it all set up in the right position...
...the grinder started doing its thing.
 Catherine said it took quite awhile to get through this 130+ year old tree stump.
 Soon all that remained was a heap of shredded wood and soil.  We will allow the pile to settle before reworking the garden in that area.

Here's a video that includes the sounds as well as the sights.

Now all that is left is to split all of that wood that is still out there in the front yard! 




Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Lois, that stump grinding was just like what was done to our oak tree stump a few weeks ago - fascinating and noisy to watch.

Montanagirl said...

Interesting! Wouldn't want to get your hands anywhere near that thing!

Jo said...

Amazing...... I have never seen one of these at work before. Progress just keeps marching forward doesn't it? Back in the day, I wonder how many sticks of dynamite it would have taken to do the same job. I might add with a huge amount of danger associated with it.

Wanda..... said...

We have a stump grinder, although somewhat smaller and I know the noise well! It may be noisy, but it does perfume the air with nice woody scents.

Diana said...

Wow that was a big job! It must have cost a fortune! Love Di ♥

Anonymous said...

That tree must have been HUGE!! By golly, the size of the stump!! It's HUGE!! Beyond huge!! Ji-normous!! Those machines are amazing. I watched it do that to a few of our trees last year...debbie

Kelly said...

...wow! That's quite a job!!! (now to catch up on the older posts. I've fallen behind on everything!)

Sherry said...

This reminds me of a tree that was on three property lines (mine and two neighbors). We all three agreed to pay the cost of cutting it down (it was HUGE!) but one neighbor refused to pay for stump removal. So the other neighbor and I agreed to pay for it ourselves. I go away one weekend and when I come back, the neighbor wanted me to pay him for renting a truck to haul the chips of wood away - a large pile, by the way. He insisted the chips were no good and not suited to be used for mulching. . . duh.

Lois Evensen said...

Good morning,

Yes, that stump grinding is something else. It'll take a year or so for the area to settle and the wood chips/shreds to lose their acidity so we can plant something else there.

Sherry, it's a shame your neighbor didn't realize those wood chips are great to use in the garden. They need to be seasoned for a year or so to lose their acidity, then they are great for mulch or to be worked into compost. I guess your neighbor is the type who pays to take such things away, then goes out and buys bags of mulch in the Spring. Duh.

Our wood splitting is still to come. Oh, what fun. ;)

Thank you, everyone, for stopping by.

Very best,

Elaine said...

Good to get the stump grinding done. Too bad you weren't home to get to see it in person.