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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Arrival in Cherokee, North Carolina

Good morning,

We are on the road again and the weather is perfect.  Look at the beautiful trees!  Wow, we hit the timing jackpot for this trip.
Those are reflections from the windshield, but I am still very happy with the pictures.
These are all taken while we are sailing along at 70 mph on our way to Cherokee, NC.
We are in the Great Smoky Mountains and going through small towns.
Fall decorations are everywhere.  I remember staying at private motels such as this one when I visited the Smokies with my parents.  Those were the days before the brand name chain hotels now found everywhere.
 We stopped to take this image...
 ...and this one...
 ...and this one.
 This is an old fire watch tower that is now available for sight seeing for 50 cents for a walk to the top.  We have stopped here before.  This time we didn't make the climb.
 I am very upset with myself for not buying four of these chairs for granddaughters with 18" American Girl dolls.  I guess we will have to go back!
 Bird houses for every garden decor.

We went inside and bought three coffee mugs.  The owners had their dog, Tucker, at work that day.  He reminded us of "Old Red" and what a friendly guy he is!
 Back on the road it seemed the colors got more and more intense.
 Finally, in the late afternoon, here we are in Cherokee.
 On the way to our hotel we passed the Oconaluftee River
We will be back for more pictures here before our visit is complete.
 If you look carefully, you'll see a bear to the left center of this image.  That's not a real bear;  it is one of those art projects similar to the Flying Pigs we have in Cincinnati.  We saw many more such bears while we were in Cherokee.

We are here!  I hope you're having fun with us on our trip and will join us tomorrow in Cherokee, North Carolina.

Very best,



Montanagirl said...

What a beautiful drive and scenery! I'll be checking back for more of your posts on this trip.

FAB said...

Hi Lois. Just caught up with your recent posts and very much enjoying the scenery thro the windshield. Cheers FAB.

Wanda..... said...

My grandparents lived in the Great Smoky Mts. of Virginia, the beautiful hills and valleys in your photos remind me of there, Lois.

So many gift shops and sightseeing places along the way are a fond memory too!

Marie said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of our NC mountains. We have been on those very roads in the past. We are not able to travel anymore but I enjoyed traveling with you by picture.

Elaine said...

I really love photo 7 with the veiw over the valley! Cherokee looks like a great place to visit and I look forward to seeing more photos.

Cathy said...

Hello Lois
Thanks for dropping in and for all your lovely (informative)comments
Love those swirly clouds and the colours are fabulous. I'm sure you would have had a great time
Looking forward to the next part of your trip
Take care

Anonymous said...

I really liked all of these photos but wanted that log cabin birdhouse. What a neat idea that is. Will have to give it a try someday when it warms up. Nice post today.

We went through Cherokee, North Carolina a decade ago or longer. It was a nice drive then but not so colorful as your visit.

Heather Woollove said...

Hi Lois--I just found your blog tonight and I'm enchanted!!
It feels like I've gotten to come along on your holiday with you, thanks to your great photos!