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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Going Down to the Sea

Good morning,

Here we go again on our way to Freedom of the Seas.  This morning we left our hotel in Melbourne, Florida, and drove to Port Canaveral.
 We were here just last month so it felt as if we were coming home when we drove closer to Freedom of the Seas.
The above image was taken as we drove up to the luggage drop off place.  Port Canaveral is one of the most convenient ports we have ever used. 
 As soon as we got through the process of clearing security, getting checked in, having our pictures taken, and finding our stateroom, we headed to the Windjammer for lunch.  There are more of those nifty carved melons and ice carvings made by the culinary team.  So cool!
 The first day on a cruise goes so fast.  Getting on board, lunch, the muster drill, and before you know it, you're sailing out.  These colorful tugs are on the port side of the channel as we sail out.

 The seagulls all lined up to see us off on the port side...
 ...and the brown pelicans lined up on the starboard side.

 Even a group of humans lined up at the end of the channel to shout greetings and wave goodbye.
 The final sight of land the first night was the Port Canaveral Beach.  That beautiful beach stretches south all the way to Miami Beach. 

 My Honey will be attending meetings this week and I will "chill" and enjoy the ship.  Of course, we will have time to be together and enjoy the week, too. 

Tomorrow night is the Captain's Welcome Aboard Party which is quite a formal event.  I plan to get some pictures of the formal fashions to share with you here tomorrow.

Very best,

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Marit Johanne said...

You're on a cruise again! You have almost become a sailor! Have a nice cruise!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Morning Lois, just caught up with yesterday and today's posts about your cruise. Seems like only last week we were reading your ship board posts! How wonderful that Kjell has meetings on board Freedom - lucky for you both. ENjoy the trip and look forward to the posts - as always. Hope your ship doesn't encounter problems like that Carnival cruise ship did.

Wanda..... said...

Marit is right...you have sea legs, Lois! Lovely view of Port Canaveral Beach! Look forward to the formal event photos!

grammie g said...

Hi Lois...how in the world do you ever know where you are ...I get dizzy just trying to keep up with you ...(thats why I fell) lol : }
Have a nice week!!

River Glorious said...

I like your pictures, the blues and grays and everything.

Montanagirl said...

Wow - another cruise? You must really have a set of sea legs!

Anonymous said...

I'm ready for my new cruise. Have some new pants, new shoes, new haircut, and new jammies. I'm all set for our trip. Wonder where we're off to this time?! Enjoyed all the photo of the bird and human send off!! That was fun! Here we goooooooo....debbie

Lois Evensen said...

Good morning,

Yes, here we are cruising again. We are here often, that's for sure. ;) For those who asked/commented about my sea legs, I have been doing this for so many years that the movement in the ship doesn't bother me at all; I just compensate for any movement and go on with my life. In fact, unless it is heavy, I don't even realize there is any movement unless someone else mentions it.

Beatrice, the Carnival ship with the problems is the same size as Freedom. We have a great deal of empathy for the guests and crew. Although I am a Royal Caribbean fan, I commend Carnival for handling the situation well under the circumstances. Everyone is safe and that is the primary goal. I always look at everything different that happens on a cruise ship as a different chapter of the adventure of life. What stories those folks will be able to tell!

Grammie g, I sure hope I didn't make you fall! Yes, I know that was a joke. But, I do wake up sometimes and have to look around to figure out where we are. ;) I hope you are feeling better.

Debbie, you are so cute! Yes, it is so good to have you and all the others along. Be sure to pack something for Christmas and New Years for our next time on board, too!

Thank you so much, everyone, for stopping by.

Very best,