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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Wednesday WIP - Road Trip Knitting

Good morning,

Last weekend we took a road trip to visit friends in Louisville which is just less than two hours away from home.  I always take a project that will fit easily in a bag and on my lap so this time it was boot cuffs.

I wrote this pattern some time ago and have made it quite a few times.  The boot cuffs fit comfortably and stay in place to prevent chafing on cold winter days.  The safety pins along the right edge are row markers so it's quick and easy to make a left or right cable twist every six rows.

The boot cuffs are finished now and will appear in the upcoming Monthly Needlework and Wood Working Update.

What are your favorite carry-out projects?

All the best,

1 comment:

DUTA said...

Beautiful pattern! Usually, I just look out of the car/bus/train window when travelling. For some reason, I feel unwell when talking, reading or doing some handwork.I especially envy those people who use the commuting time reading stuff.