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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Christmas (Cactus) Story

Good morning,

For many, many years I had a house full of beautiful plants.  It seemed something was always blooming and color was everywhere. Then, nearly twenty years ago my life changed when I went to sea with My Honey for weeks at a time.  My plants didn't appreciate my absences, didn't do well at all, and most were lost to the compost bin. Now that My Honey has retired and we are home most of the time, I'm building my indoor garden once again. 

I haven't had Christmas Cactus for a long time so was looking for one around the holidays.  I never found one that looked healthy so didn't buy any at all.  Then Catherine went to a Christmas party at a friend's and saw some beautiful Christmas Cactus.  The friend agreed that Catherine could bring me some little cuttings.  The flower you see above came home as a three leaf section from that friend's plant about five weeks ago.  The little section has rooted and even bloomed already!  I think I'm on a roll again to have a beautiful healthy plant.

So, that's my Christmas (Cactus) Story. 



Beth said...

Lois, you are so fortunate to have a green thumb! The cactus looks beautiful, and soon you will be surrounded by all the blooms you have missed :-)



Sherrill said...

Does that mean you're not cruising as much or just cutting back? I'm not a good plant mama so nothing indoors. I have a few delicates outside that I have to drag in when the weather's too cold and that's enough of a pain.

Lois Evensen said...

Hi Beth and Sherrill,

Thank you both for stopping by. I'm lucky I inherited my green thumb from my mom.

Sherrill, My Honey retired a little more than a year ago and we are enjoying being home. We will go back to sea for a cruise eventually.

All the best,