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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Sunny Winter Day - Mini Road Trip

Good morning,

There is a saying in Cincinnati:  "If you don't like the weather, just wait for ten minutes.  It'll change."
I took these pictures on Sunday after we had gotten dire weather forecasts for the weekend.
Friday night we got snow and very low temperatures.  Fortunately, the sun came out, the roads are dry, and we were able to go to the Miami Valley Labrador Retriever Dog Club annual luncheon at Belterra Casino with our daughter, Catherine.
Here we're just getting to Belterra which is located next to Riverbend Music Center on the Ohio River.

I didn't take pictures inside the casino, but we had a wonderful meal and spent less than $30 for the entire day for both My Honey and me.  Not bad at all!
It was still light and bright when we headed home. 
 Here we're approaching Cincinnati from the Kentucky side of the Ohio River.
 That's Catherine in the car in the next lane.  She had to be at the luncheon earlier for a board of directors meeting for the club so we drove separately.
 We're approaching the I-471 bridge between Ohio and Kentucky.
 Can you guess why its nickname is the "Big Mac" bridge?


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