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Monday, January 19, 2015

Yummy Treats Inside!

Good morning,

Wendy is enjoying a (pet store) "bone" filled with peanut butter. She will tell you all about it:
"I know it is in there!  I can see it!"
"I can taste it, too."
"See that black bottom going by there?  That's Erik staying close in case I should put my peanut butter bone down."   
"Yes, I see Erik going by.  I am ignoring him."
"Maybe if I chew off part of the bone..."
 ...I can get to that peanut butter."
 "Yes, Erik, I see you, but this is MY peanut butter bone!"

It is fun to watch the interaction.  Our three dogs don't show any aggression toward each other, but they do patiently stay close when there is something they would like to have for themselves waiting for an opportunity to quietly get it.

They are so cute.



TexWisGirl said...

she's adorable! such a great, solid head!

Rose said...

Oh, she is so cute. And reminds me of when we had two dogs...the one was always trying to end up with both treats of whatever we got them!

Michelle said...

What a sweet pup.

Lois said...

She is very persistent!

Julie said...

Awwww, so cute!

Sherry said...

I so miss the interaction of two dogs in the house. That will be taken care of later this year! They are like kids, they like to show off in front of the "leader of the pack!"

Tanya said...

I'm afraid I haven't given Choco many bones... She "eats" those rawhide things and then stands around gagging!

Catherine said...

That's a red barn filled bone. I keep a few at the office to refill with peanut butter when the dogs are visiting!