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Friday, September 26, 2014

Lunch by the River

Good morning,

This week we had lunch with a few friends from Louisville, Kentucky at a Cincinnati restaurant overlooking the Ohio River.
No, we are not in Brooklyn, New York.  This is the John D. Roebling Bridge across the Ohio River at Cincinnati.  It is Roebling's prototype for the Brooklyn Bridge that he built a few years later.
We were eating at Moerling Lager House, home of wonderful brews. We had iced tea and coffee, however.
This is the house burger.  Oh, my, this was good!
And, just before we left, one more image of the beautiful view.

All the best,


Mersad said...

What a great spot for lunch, and what a great lunch!! :)

Mersad Donko Photography

Sherry said...

Nice atmosphere. Good to see Cincy makes good use of its river front. Rochester built a hideous multi-color subsidized housing project along the Genesee River that really detracts from the City skyline.

TexWisGirl said...

the view of the bridge is awesome!

Rose said...

That looks delicious...we were down to Madison, Indiana this week. I thought to myself that we were close to your stomping grounds.