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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Community Bath Time

Good morning,

It was community bath time here this weekend.  Our daughter, Catherine, has a dog wash production line and makes this a fun time.  Penny, the Alpha Dog here, was first.  You'll note she is wearing here Halloween collar. 
Next was Erik, wearing his Batman collar.
There's a shake!  Catherine got a shower, too. 
Wendy is carefully watching the action.
This is Wendy's first "outside" bath and she really had a grand time.

After the baths, I was on towel dry duty.  The pups love being rubbed down between shakes and madly running around the yard.

My Honey and I will be traveling again soon for his work and will miss the family, including the pups, terribly.  The older dogs are used to us coming and going, but this will be Wendy's first experience with the disappearing/reappearing Mom and Dad.  Catherine and Anna live in the house and others are here regularly so the dogs are never left alone nor are they left in doggie hotel kennels.  They also have the dog club family where they go several times a week to practice agility, play, and socialize.

The two older dogs will be showing at the Lab Specialty in Gettysburg, PA, in October.  They will all be very busy while we are gone, but we will miss them terribly.

Don't you wish our dogs could talk and understand what we say to them? 



Marty Mason said...

Lois, I'll bet those pups know more about what we are talking about than we do ourselves sometimes. Have a great week with family and enjoy those days at sea.

TexWisGirl said...

i love when pups get silly and invigorated from baths/toweling. :) i know you'll miss them, terribly.

Sherry said...

Catherine is more productive than I am. I send mine to the groomer for a bath and nail trim.

Lois said...

It does look like fun. Safe travels!

Elaine said...

Looks like they all had a good time--but then labs always like the water! Have a safe trip.