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Friday, November 6, 2020

Topher's Ride


Good  morning,

Our daughter Catherine's car is in the shop this week so she is borrowing my little red Fiesta.  She has our friend Erica's puppy Topher today so he can go to work with her and meet lots of new people during his socialization process.  Topher's kennel just fits inside of the Fiesta next to a shopping bag full of items Catherine is taking to the office.  Image credit goes to Catherine.

For my cruising friends, you may enjoy the frame on my license tag. Kjell saw that in the gift shop when he was on inspection on board Freedom one time and we went back and bought one for our little Fiesta that evening.  Ah, yes, those were the days.




MarkD60 said...

That is a beautiful car and fantastic license plate and frame. My friends had a baby and named him Christopher, we always called him Topher. Now he's all grown up with his of his own and we call him Chris.

Tanya said...

Hi Topher. Have a nice day!