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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Erik at the Vet

 Good morning,

Catherine and I took our eleven year old Erik to the vet this week to find out why he was saying "ouch!" when his face was touched.  We thought it might have been a toothache, but weren't sure.

A trip to our vet is a road trip, but it is worth it. 

Erik can be intimidating to other dogs and people because of his size, but he's a big bundle of love.  We waited outside so he wouldn't scare anyone else waiting inside.

The resolution of Erik's problem was his neck being out of alignment.  After a chiropractic adjustment, he is feeling much better and no longer says "ouch!" when his head is touched.

 Our pups love coming to our vet.  He has the BEST cookies!




gigi-hawaii said...

Great that he is well now. Nice road trip as it is always nice to get out of the house.

Tanya said...

I don't think we have chiropractors for dogs in Japan... Actually I need one right now because our doxie is limping around. The vet said it was probably back problems (common in doxies) and she gave us some pain killers... Hopefully a couple of slow days will help...?