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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Outside Play and Wendy's Escape

Good morning,

It can be hard to be a big sister.  You have to watch over your little sibling and sometimes you just need a rest from playing tag and chasing sticks all the time.
Wendy does a great job of watching over Baby Elsa, but sometimes just needs to get away for a few minutes.  She has always been our "chair dog" and climbs into the chair herself to get some quiet time. 
Elsa:  Wendy!  Come down and play with me!
Wendy:  I'll just rest and watch from here for awhile.  Give me a few minutes and I'll be back.
 Elsa:  Oh, please, please, please come down and play with me now!
 Elsa:  Don't look the other way! Come down and play with me!

Wendy:  Let me catch my breath!  I've been running around with you for the past half hour!  I'm nearly 5 years old!  I have to rest once in awhile.

Wendy is very gentle with Elsa, even more gentle than Elsa is sometimes with Wendy.  Those baby teeth are like little needles and Wendy has certainly felt them while they have been playing.  When Wendy gets enough, she will gently warn Elsa then move out of her reach.

Of course, we monitor all of the interaction to be sure no one is hurt both outside and inside the house.

We humans and our other dogs always go outside with Elsa to be sure she is safe.  Although we don't see them often, we have coyotes and hawks in our neighborhood who might see Elsa as snack size.