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Monday, March 18, 2019

Doggie Slumber Party

Good morning,

Our four pups had two friends over for a slumber party last weekend and they sure did have fun!
Our baby Elsa was in the middle of everything during romp time.

The two Border Collies, Tillie and Teddy, are guests who are here often.  Their Mommy is a good friend of ours.  She was out of town so the pups spent the weekend with us. 
These are all very good pups!  Here they are sitting patiently waiting for a cookie.  They get their cookies when their name is called in order of seniority.  There is no fighting and jumping.  They know they will get their turn.
Baby Elsa, center in this picture, learned very quickly how to fit in with the big dogs and wait her turn.

They are all so good!  That is so sweet!


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Unknown said...

I love hearing about your dogs and their friends. Baby Elsa is such a little doll baby, keep us updated on her growing up.