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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Trumpet Vine Takes Over the World

Good morning,

OK, the title is a little misleading.  The Trumpet Vine isn't taking over the entire world, just our part of it.

These pretty flowers are wonderful for attracting humming birds so I planted the vine against the base of a tree in the back yard about 35 years ago.  The vine is performing as advertised and then some more.  It has climbed more than 60 feet up the tree and is now spreading across the lawn.  It would normally be cut back with the lawn mower as it grows across the grass, but we have quite a few large logs in the back, waiting their turn to be split into firewood.

Those logs are now covered by Trumpet Vine and My Honey thinks that is a sign they don't have to be split.

Saved by the Trumpet Vine!


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