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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Needlework and Woodworking Update - August, 2016

Good morning,

What a busy month it has been!  Today's Needlework and Woodworking Update features the items we have created in the past month. I always surprise myself when I see how many items we have completed from one month to the next.  Take a look at EvensensProductions.com to see many of these and other items available to ship today.

Above is a Big Blocks Afghan Blanket that will brighten any room.
These two Tactile Reptiles have already been delivered to a beautiful baby girl. 
My Honey was busy in his wood workshop this month, too. 
These two beautiful boxes are available in the Hand Crafted Wood section of the shop.
 Here's another tissue topper to restock the shop, too.  What a pretty way to keep an extra roll handy.
Three more Find It Keep It Baskets came off the crochet hook this month, too.
These baskets have a loop in the top so they can be hung directly on a door handle so you can have your keys, cell phone, glasses, and other important items at your fingertips when you're ready to leave the house or office.
 These baskets also look great sitting on a table where they can be used to contain a variety of small items.
 Also to restock the shop, I made a few more Luggage Identifiers.
 I have personal experience with these when looking for our luggage in cruise and air terminals.  It's amazing how all luggage suddenly looks alike until you look for your own luggage identifiers.
 This cloche hat was a special order...
 ...and I made this one to restock the shop.

So, that's it for another month.  We're still working hard to fill custom orders and to keep the shop stocked.

We hope you'll think of us first for baby gifts, back to school, birthdays, holidays, and other occasions.  Click the link below to come over and take a look!

Thank you!

We now return you to our regularly scheduled blogging.  ;)


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