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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Progress - Waiting Room Knitting

Good morning,

Here's the progress on the Waiting Room Knitting Project. I am only working on this project while sitting in waiting rooms. It is a small project that fits into a small tote bag that I can grab as we walk out the door.  It's amazing how much gets accomplished!

This is an intarsia knit hat that will go into the shop when complete.  

I love intarsia knitting on small projects such as this.  I make up the patterns as I go along which makes it fun.  On larger projects, such as sweaters, I have to develop a consistent pattern for front, back, and sleeves.  That's fun, too, but doesn't feel quite as fancy free and "doing my own thing" while knitting a hat.

I have several other projects in process, too, that are larger and that I work on at home. 

What are you making now?


1 comment:

Lady Jane said...

this is going to be very nice. I love to knit but carpel tunnel is bothering me so I put the needles down for a while. Hugs, lj