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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Queen of the Mississippi - Nashville to New Orleans

Good morning,

Today's images are courtesy of our friends Martha and Russell who just returned from a cruise aboard the Queen of the Mississippi.  They had a fabulous time and I appreciate having these images they sent so I can share them here.
Martha and Russell are very experienced cruisers on the high seas so this was something quite different.  I got a kick out of Martha's comment about being able to cruise without taking her passport this time. 
Of course, there were fewer people on board the riverboat than there
The Queen of the Mississippi has elegant lounges...
...in all my favorite relaxing colors.
He's a little hard to see here, but at the lower part of this picture is an alligator smoking a cigar table. 
Transportation is provided between the terminal and the riverboat.
What a darling rocking pig.  Perhaps an idea for My Honey's wood workshop?
I love these areas.  They look so relaxing and have the feeling of Southern Charm.
Look closely at the chairs.  There are rocking chairs at the rail and deck chairs behind.  Something for everyone. 

According to Martha and Russell, the selection of alcohol and other drinks was extensive.  I can see Makers Mark there in the middle.  Makers Mark is so appropriate for a riverboat.  :)
Food!  Martha and Russell said the food was wonderful.
There was a variety of entertainment during the cruise, some of it from shore side.

Ah, the classic paddle wheel image. Beautiful. I remember taking a similar image aboard the Delta Queen. 
A tour of the wheel house was a high point.
And, of course, a meeting with the important people who get the riverboat needs to go.
Martha and Russell also enjoyed plantation tours.
How beautiful!
And, finally, here are the Victory Belles providing entertainment.
What a wonderful cruise!

Thank you, Martha and Russell, for sharing the great images of your wonderful river cruise. 



Pamela Gordon said...

This looks like a really fun cruise. I think I'd enjoy it not being on the high seas. lol Never been on a cruise ship before but being on a river would be nice. Have a lovely week.

DUTA said...

Very luxurious cruise! Fabulous pictures!
I'll go by boat usually if I have to and only if it's a short journey as I feel unwell on it (seasickness). So, two years ago, I took a short cruise on the river Moskva in Moscow, for example, and it was quite fun.

Barbara said...

What wonderful pictures they took! They show that river cruising can be just as sumptuous as ocean-going cruises. Looks like a new adventure in the works!