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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Happy Birthday Number Twelve to Penny!

Good morning,

Happy Birthday number Twelve to our Penny.

The image above was taken with our daughter, Catherine, Penny's trainer, just after they had earned one of Penny's first blue ribbons. 
Penny has so many agility titles and ribbons now that we would need to build a new room onto the house to display them all.  She is now our Senior Canine Athlete and is retired from showing, but still loves to go to the dog club to work out.
I just took the above image and the one below. 
Penny was taking a nap on my bed when I told her I needed a picture to use to celebrate her birthday.  She said she'd just pass and keep napping.  ;)  She sleeps there on our bed with us every night. 

Penny is such a sweet, loving soul.



River Glorious said...

Oh my, does she ever look comfortable! :)

Happy DogDay to Penny!


Beth said...

Happy birthday Penny! Such a lovely girl :-)



Tanya said...

I bet you need a very large bed for a sharing with a dog that size! I wish mine were larger and I only share with a cat... or two... or three...