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Friday, July 29, 2016

Trumpet Vine

Good morning,

Those red/orange flowers on the tree are a trumpet vine, a favorite of humming birds.
I planted the vine more than 30 years ago. I bought it via mail order as part of another order.  When it arrived, it was a skinny, dry stick about four inches long.  I figured I had been fooled into ordering a piece of compost. 
Then, I soaked it for a couple of days and it softened up.  There was still no sign of life.  I looked carefully to try to determine the top and bottom of the little stick. 

I must have guessed right!  I planted it (more like stuck it in the ground) with a little compost around it near the base of this tree.  I put a small rock against it to keep it leaning against the tree trunk. 

Well, here it is.  Beautiful!  It attracts humming birds, but I haven't been able to catch any with my camera yet this year.  If/when I do, I'll share images here.

Do you have garden stories?



Michelle said...

Trumpet vines are so beautiful. Lucky you to have this giant beauty!

Tanya said...

Beautiful vine! And I love hummingbirds! I guess it is too late to plant a vine now and expect something like yours. 30 years is a long time... And no hummingbirds in Japan either...