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Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Pond

Good morning,

I've shown you pictures of our gold fish pond before.  The pond is self sustaining which makes it so naturally beautiful.  I added these water lilies many years ago.  In the winter the leaves die back and the roots drop to the bottom of the pond.  In the spring, they rise to the top, produce beautiful new shiny leaves, and gorgeous blossoms.
Our gold fish have been in the pond for years and are fat and sassy.  There are eight or ten of them and once in awhile, there are babies, too.  They stay in the pond year round and are obviously eating very well.  In the winter we put a tank deicer into the pond to keep it from freezing solid when it's very, very cold for long periods of time.  Generally, the pond never freezes solid, but the deicer is good insurance to be sure it doesn't.

These are very easy "pets!"



Beth said...

Lois, this is so neat! I had no idea that you could overwinter goldfish :-) How wonderful to have so much of nature so close to you.



Bob Bushell said...

Beautiful Goldfishes always searching................