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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Bill the Builder

Good morning,

There's a man on the roof!
Yes, we know this man.  This is Bill who is not only a friend, but is the home builder who helps us keep everything ship shape here at home.  It's pretty cool to have the boss doing the job.
Bill is repairing the roof over one of the rear entrances of our home.  We had a family of birds inside the roof who raised some very noisy babies.  The noise they made drew our attention to the opening that needed repair.  We waited for this repair until the family was grown and gone.

After repair of the roof and gutters, he repainted.  It's beautiful now!

Ah, Summer....



Beth said...

Lois, it is so good to know that we (Larry and I) are not the only ones who defer some home maintenance to the critters that we might disturb :-) Birds, especially doves, like to nest in our gutters, so we wait until the hatchlings have flown before cleaning them out. Seems a damp place to set up residence, but they do it every year.

An, I love a bit of 'wild' on our property...especially since I don't like pulling weeds in July :-)

Welcome home!



Gunn said...

Well done to him!
Great images. Very nice with the sun & shade!