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Friday, May 23, 2014

Return to Viera Wetlands

Good morning,

If you are a regular reader you know we love to visit Viera Wetlands when we get to Florida.  The gate was open this time so we could drive through the wetlands.
On the left side of the image above you can see the map of the wetlands.  There are several lakes that can be managed by pumping water among them. 
We were very happy to be able to drive through this time.
I prefer not to walk too close to the lakes...

...since they are inhabited by creatures that don't like to be bothered.
 A little closer...
 ...and now we can see his head.  :)
 There are plenty of alligators this time.
 Sometimes we are here we don't see any at all, but are sure they are still here.
 The lakes are alive with waterfowl and water lilies.

 The island in the middle of one of the larger lakes is home to nesting birds. 
 Aww, the duck family.  I love ducklings.
 This is a huge brood.  I believe we counted 11 babies with one set of parents.  Mom is keeping her eye out for predators while the babies play and feed. 
 We love the wetlands.  Every time we go we find something different to photograph.



Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Lois, driving through the wetlands in a vehicle is definitely a safe idea.

TexWisGirl said...

whistling ducks! yay! :)

Frank said...

Lovely views from the travelling hide (you call it a blind).

Montanagirl said...

Hi Lois - Wonderful photos! I would love to visit there sometime. Great reflection shot of the GBH!!