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Monday, September 30, 2013

Needlework Update - September, 2013

Good morning,

This month's update has some different items than you've seen before.

Above is a special order vest I made for a very nice lady.  I enjoyed working with this soft lavender yarn.
This is a cowl scarf that is also spoken for.  It is hand knit of hand dyed and hand spun merino wool.  Gorgeous and soft in a fabulous color!
This Sea Sweater is in our on line shop, EvensensProductions.com as I write this.  It is child size four and features sea grass in a basket pocket, three angel fish, and six sea shells.  It is accompanied by a sweet pink octopus.  Such a cute outfit for a sweet little girl.
This Christmas Tree sweater is also in child size 4.  The tree is decorated with toys, sports equipment, and ornaments.  So cute!  It, too, is in the shop as I write this.
This is something new to the shop.  :)  It's a dog sweater for a small dog.  I really had fun with this and will surely make more. 
 These three little turtles are very special.  They will each go into the shop with matching baby blankets.
 Two more turtles...
 ...hatched this month, too.

And, finally for this month, here is a vest in Ladies size 54"-58".  I was asked if I make made items for larger ladies so made this for the shop.  It's so very soft and lovely.  I took this image at an angle and see now that I have to take another for the shop.  The vest is symmetrical in real life.

That wraps up September projects. What did you make this month?  I love seeing what you knit, crochet, sew, cook, and grow.

All the best,

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Montanagirl said...

Such beautiful items, Lois! Love those three little turtles that have matching blankets! How big will the blankets be?

TexWisGirl said...

those kids' sweaters are so cute!

Lois Evensen said...

Hi Montanagirl:

The blankets are already made at home to go with these turtles. They are 30x30. I have one listed in the shop with a lavender border here:


I'll list the ones in the shop with the white and blue borders when I get the turtles and the blankets in the same city at the same time. ;) I'll be home in about three weeks.

Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments.


Mersad said...

That's some very creative needlework, I must say!

Mersad Donko Photography

Seajaes said...

I'm working on a Westknits Mystery shawl. One more clue to finish. I don't think I can attach picture. You can look at my project on Ravelry. I am seajaes.

Seajaes said...

I am working on a Westknits mystery shawl. One more clue to go. I don't think I can put a picture on here. You can see it on my projects on Ravelry I am seajaes.

Michelle said...

You are so talented! I do love that lavender color!