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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Road Trip - Uniontown, PA to Western Maryland

Good morning,

We left Ft. Necessity (see yesterday's post) near Uniontown, Pennsylvania and continued our road trip East.
There was a freezing rain that didn't cause a problem on the roads, but most people were home for the day adding wood to the fireplace.
We continued to enjoy the winter wonderland.
The rain continued.  If you look carefully, you can see how the freezing rain/snow melted as it hit the windshield.
 The morning fog in the mountains was beautiful.
 This former church is now an antique store. 
 We are high in the mountains where the daytime thaw and night time freeze produced these gorgeous icicles.
 As we moved up and down the mountains, so changed the amount of snow.
 This is the pass through Sideling Hill. 
 There is a rest stop and museum here that is open during warmer months.  We have stopped here before and have seen the fabulous display about how this cut through the mountains was made.  There is more information about Sideling Hill on Wikipedia.  Click here and take a look at the second image on the right of the Wikipedia page.  It shows how huge and long the hill is and how this road and old US Route 40 cross it.  Until I saw the aerial view I didn't have a concept of how huge and long the hill is.

 More pretty ice.  :)  I love these patterns.  They give me ideas for knitting patterns.  ;)
 We continued traveling East.  Above you see a Christmas tree farm.




Pamela Gordon said...

Really interesting geography and rock formations on this route. Wishing you continued safe travels, Lois.

Rose said...

That ice! Amazing! Don't think I have ever seen it quite like that. And for some reason I love the third shot down...

Jan n Jer said...

We traveled through those roads before the cut into sideling, hill...My Hubby was born n raised in cumberland. Hope your heading for Deep Creek Lake..a fun summer/winter destination.

Unknown said...

Love the ice that forms from the rocks. We get a lot of that here in Philadelphia and it is so gorgeous! Enjoy your trip!

TexWisGirl said...

the ice and snow flows are so cool!

Montanagirl said...

Love the icicle photos! I went and looked, and that is a really long hill!

Bob Bushell said...

Oh tea, I certainly did enjoy them, the best is the frozen icicles, they are superb.

Pat said...

Love the photos! Reminds me of our travel days!

Jori said...

Yowzer! That is alot of ice! We had a big ice storm yesterday. Love the church turned antique store! Very pretty

Hootin' Anni said...

...those icicles in the images are outstanding!!!