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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shopping in Cozumel, Mexico

Good morning,

We are back in Cozumel, Mexico, today in the center of the downtown shopping district.
All of the traditional tourist merchandise is here.
However, again, there were very few shoppers.
 This lady, who seems to be one of the merchants, is washing down the street in front of the shops.
 There are some very nice items to buy here.  The leather sandals and colorful dresses are quite nice.
 It was another quiet day in Cozumel.

Hopefully, business will pick up for these merchants.



Judy said...

Thanks for posting Cozumel, when we were in Mexico we didn't get to take the boat over to Cozumel.

Anonymous said...

The shops looks nice and colorful, but the streets are rather deserted. Where are all the tourists?? ...debbie

Lois Evensen said...

Good morning,

Debbie, the people from the cruise ships are shopping near the port. Downtown has been pretty empty. I feel sorry for the merchants there. I think Mexico has gotten a bad reputation because of the drug violence news. We haven't heard of any of that violence in Cozumel, but I am sure the news from other parts of Mexico have something to do with the lack of tourists here.

We shopped near the port later and there were so many people in the stores you could hardly move. I waited outside while daughter Catherine and Aunt Carol shopped. ;)

Thanks to you both for stopping by and for your kind comments.

All the best,

grammie g said...

HI Lois...So many bright and colorful item for sale!!
Interesting to see these places you post..I certainly not be a tourist any time soon so thanks!!
Sorry I haven't been by much..my sister has been had a very problematic life as late ..so been dealing with many emotions!!


Montanagirl said...

Where is everybody? They might be afraid because of all the unrest in Mexico that's going on.

Diana said...

The dresses are so pretty. I remember shopping in Cozumel but it was very crowded at the time. I really liked shopping in Grand Cayman the best. We had so much fun there!!
Love Di ♥

Lois Evensen said...

Hi again,

Sorry to hear about your sister, grammie. I hope all is better soon.

Grand Cayman is a favorite with us, too, Diana.

All the best,

Mama-Bug said...

Oh, my. Seems like business is bad every where these days.

Tanya said...

Looks clean and cheery. Did you buy anything?

TheBluntBlogger said...

What a beautiful day for shopping :)