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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Catherine and Carol's Cruise

Good morning,

Here are a few more images from the week our daughter Catherine and Aunt Carol sailed with us aboard Freedom of the Seas.  Above Aunt Carol met the Puss in Boots at the showing of Puss' first run movie. 
This is a towel bat...
...and here are more towel critters made by Catherine and Carol's cabin attendant.
These views are from the bridge while the ship was preparing to leave Cozumel, Mexico.
 What a spectacular view!  The bow of the ship below is another ship tied up along side Freedom.
 We couldn't miss a lunch at the on board Johnny Rocket's Restaurant...
 ...where the food is served with singing and dancing by the waiters.
 A more fancy dinner was in Portofino's, the ship's specialty Italian Restaurant.
 Aunt Carol enjoyed the seafood...
 ...while I chose my old standby:  surf and turf.
This dinner was on Halloween Night so we had the pleasure of dining with a beautiful witch who is also our daughter, Catherine.  ;)
 A very enjoyable part of every cruise with Captain Tor is the Captain's Corner where the Executive Team and the Cruise Director answer questions for the guests.
Aunt Carol even got a picture with Captain Tor.  ;)



Anonymous said...

The captain looks too young to be a captain.

Anonymous said...

What fun!! Great photos! I liked Puss n Boots! Kids saw that movie last week and loved it. It's hard to imagine that a ship will stay afloat with so much "Stuff" on it. Amazing...maybe someday! ...debbie

TexWisGirl said...

so nice you can cruise with family!

Nedra said...

Those towels from the attendent are something else! What a fun time you have sailing, and with family along it's even better.

missing moments said...

Such fun! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!