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Monday, November 21, 2011

Sand Hill Cranes at Orlando Airport

Good morning,

Today's images are from the day I left Freedom of the Seas at Port Canaveral and drove about 50 minutes to Orlando Airport to meet our daughter Catherine and Aunt Carol who were joining us for a week at sea.
The same characters who were here last year were still hanging around checking cars and surely looking for handouts!
These images were taking in the "Cell Phone Lot" where people meeting arriving planes can wait until they get the call from their family/friends that the plane has arrived and they are ready for pickup.
The cranes have figured out the people waiting are pretty friendly.  I didn't see anyone feeding them, but I have a feeling some must have for the birds to be so tame.
Watching these beautiful birds made the waiting seem to go so much faster.



Jenny said...

Haha those birds crack me up. We have four that live in the woods behind our house and they seem to love freaking out the kids and dog.

Jan n Jer said...

Those birds are awesome...it amazes me how tame they are...you almost can get close enough to touch them!

Marit Johanne said...

It is amazing to see those birds!

Lynette said...

Way cool. I had no idea they were such good-sized birds. Amazing!

TexWisGirl said...

that would really be something to see!

Anonymous said...

I would imagine they could start up quite a ruckus! =)

Diana said...

I think they are just beautiful Lois!
Love Di ♥

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Hi sweet Lois, warm welcome ashore ;)
Have a lovely time! That bird in the last picture is amazing, have never seen it before.
Happiest of happy hugs xo xo xo

Anonymous said...

Lois, I am so distressed. I cannot get into my blog. I have tried, and tried, and when I finally got in it told me my browser no longer worked, and to download Google Chrome and that didn't help one bit. I don't know what to do. I guess I won't have a blog anymore. Do you or anyone reading this know what I can do?? I will keep trying. Maybe I'll have to start a new one. Not sure at this point. So if nobody hears from me...that's the reason. I can't even read anyones posts. I just happened to have you on Favorites on my sidebar and clicked on it from there. ...debbie

Lois Evensen said...

Hi Debbie,

I suggest you contact Blogger direct. Here is the URL to the help page:


Write them and ask what to do next.

I am sorry I can't help more!

I hope to see you back blogging soon. Write to me again if you have more questions....


Lois Evensen said...


I hope you are checking in here after writing your comment above. I am able to get into your blog. It is definitely still there. I just wanted to let you know that.