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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Needlework Update - October, 2011

Good morning,

The stack of finished knit and crochet items has grown a little since my last needlework update so I guess it's time for another update. 

The above dress and doll will go into the shop.  I just love this yarn.  I would have made an adult size sweater if I had had enough of it, but I was short just a little.  So, it worked beautifully for this dress, doll, ...
...and a baby blanket, too.
I have enough of this yarn to make another of these cowl scarves.  I'll put one in the shop and keep the other for myself!  I love cowl scarves because they don't fall off when walking the dogs or get tangled in the steering wheel when driving. 
 Here's another of my patchwork sweaters that I really enjoy making. They take more time than a solid color, but they are just plain fun to design.  I sold the one I had in the store to a very nice lady in London so it was time to restock!  The one above is a child size 8 (in girl colors) and I also made a child size 4 (in boy or girl colors); both will go into the shop where I already have a patchwork sweater listed to fit an 18" American Girl doll. 
 And, finally for this time, this is a double-weight baby blanket.  The yarn is fun that I held double to produce a thick blanket that will not only keep baby warm, but would also be the perfect blanket to put on the floor for baby exercise classes.

Daughter Catherine and Aunt Carol will be here soon.  I look forward to spending time with them enjoying the ship and ports.  I just may send some of these items home with them so they can go into the shop sooner than I can get there.

So, that's the needlework update.  While My Honey and I are not busy doing things together, I am having a fabulous time dreaming up new projects, sketching them, computing the number of stitches, then making them.  I am in needlework heaven!  :))

Are you working on holiday needlework projects?  I wish I had brought more blue and green yarn, but I guess there is always another color I wish I wish I had with me.  Hindsight is 20-20, isn't it!

All the best,


Wanda..... said...

Lovely items, Lois.

Lynette said...

Super post. Loved seeing your hand-crafted items.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

That little doll dress is adorable! :D

Montanagirl said...

You do such beautiful work. Love that little sweater!

Nedra said...

How nice that your daughter and Aunt can join you.
Sweet items.

Adsila said...

I love the little dress and doll. I can see my Granddaughter wearing that.

Marit Johanne said...

You have made so nice needlework! Looks like you have been busy.

Jan n Jer said...

You do good work...they all are just lovely and will make great gifts!

Steve Willson said...

The Weather Channel showed a video of the Freedom of the Seas being tosses around by a big storm. Were you on board to experience that event? I tried to spot you when they showed a dining room scene.

Tanya said...

Wow! That patchwork sweater is gorgeous! What an eye opener! I can imagine the amount of time it took to make that!

Lois Evensen said...

Hi everyone,

I'm still knitting and crocheting up a storm. When Catherine and Carol arrive next week, I won't have any time to myself! Thank you, everyone, for your very kind comments.

Yes, Steve, we were and still are on board during that storm. The weather was OK when we left. Our Captain and bridge team had reviewed the weather, the port pilot gave the OK, and the US Coast Guard had not closed the port. It got bad just after we left Port Canaveral and in a couple of hours a personal hurricane had formed around us. We went right through the eye. Here in the tropics bad weather is known to "pop up" when unexpectedly.

It was quite rough, but the crew on board was wonderful. Being here and knowing the inside story makes me so very proud of the officers and crew and how they handled the emergency. Surely there were some inexperienced cruisers who were quite upset. Sadly, many of the news reports were so far out there and incorrect that it was laughable. By the end of the week I was hearing guests tell stories that were just plain wrong, too. I am sure they went home and told those stories to everyone they knew and those stories got even more "exciting" as they were repeated.

With so many years at sea we have had time to experience some very rough weather. Running down to Malta on Splendour got bad sometimes as did the North Sea. We never know so all that safety training is vital.

All the best,

karen said...

gorgeous creations. I am off on my holidays next week. Las Vegas here I come!!!

Rose said...

I was just thinking as I clicked to come here...I wonder what Lois has been making. I knew you were probably busy making something. I love that double weight baby blanket...and like the first dress and doll. I love the color used for them. Beautiful work.