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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Winter Nature Photo Op

Good morning,

A quick note before describing today's images:  Yesterday was My Honey and my wedding anniversary.  He was so sweet to post an image of us on his blog.  Check it out!   He is not only My Honey, he is the love of my life. 

While visiting Cherokee, North Carolina, we spent a morning out looking for the snow we were sure we would find here - until we got here!  We had been at sea for weeks watching the news and all of the snow covering so much of the country and talked of taking pictures of snow in the mountains on our drive home to Ohio.

We are retracing our steps on this outing to Mingus Mill where we had visited in November and captured some beautiful Fall images.
We pulled into the parking lot at Mingus Mill and there it was!  Snow!  OK, not what we expected, but we were quite happy that the weather was warm so we could drive where we wanted to drive.
As expected, Mingus Mill was closed, but it was fun to come back and take pictures here in the lot.  These are the same trees that we saw last Fall.
 The moss under the trees is such a lush green.  There are signs of little plants pushing through announcing Spring.  Yes!
 So, on down the road...
 ...we stopped again to enjoy the early morning sun shining through the trees.
 This rushing stream of clear, cool water of melting snow made beautiful music as it passed.
 Mother Nature provided this picture frame.
 Winter pictures can be just as beautiful as those taken at other times of the year...
 ...and it is easy to find parking spots and views without lots of other people in them.
 We parked at the side of this bridge and walked down to the water to get pictures.
My Honey and I wandered off in different directions with our cameras.  Just the feeling of being here was so peaceful.  The clear water rushing by was certainly an attraction to many animals.  I suggested to My Honey that we should watch out for critters looking for a drink and finding us.  I found many animal tracks near the water's edge.
 Look at all of the pet rocks!   Seriously, these would make beautiful stone art.  Part of the peace pipe artwork we bought at Bearmeat's Indian Den was made of carved stone similar to this.
 So peaceful.




Cecilia Artista said...

Beautiful pictures!

Happy anniversery!

Diana said...

Happy Anniversary Lois and your photos were very pretty!
Love Di ♥

Nedra said...

Happy Anniversary!

Deere Driver said...

Happy Anniversary! Lucky you!

karen said...

happy anniversary!! I would love to be on this trip with you..it looks so peaceful, something in short supply here!!!!

Beth said...

Happy anniversary to you and your Honey, Lois! Such a serene post, your pictures were a gentle reminder that there is beauty everywhere.

Safe travels home,


Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Anniversary Lois and Hubby!! Hope you have many, many more...at least 50 more! great photos, like the one with the tree bent to make a frame...debbie

Sherry said...

Happy Anniversary! I loved these pictures today.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Lois, belated anniversary wishes to you and your Honey. I checked out the photo on Kjell's blog - it was very nice and you both looked wonderful!

Ann Nichols said...

This world of ours... it really is beautiful during all the seasons! What lovely shots! And a very Happy Anniversary to the two of you!!!

Lois Evensen said...

Good morning,

Thanks so much for all your anniversary wishes and kind words. He is a sweetie, that's for sure.

We always find the Smoky Mountains very relaxing at any time of the year. We especially like to be there in the off season.

Thank you, everyone, for stopping by.

Very best,

EG Wow said...

Great photo of you and your husband! I hope you had a wonderful day!

River Glorious said...

Gratulerer med dagen


Just what I was thinking... that they are quiet colors and I wish I could be among those trees. Thank you, Lois, for sharing your moments with us.