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Friday, March 4, 2011

The Story Teller and Toy Maker in Bryson City, North Carolina

Good morning,

Meeting these two wonderful people was a bonus to our trip to Bryson City, North Carolina.

As we strolled down the street in this old town peering into windows we saw someone inside waving back at us.  "C'mon in!" he called.

Tim Hall and his bride (as he called her) were preparing their museum/store/radio station for the coming tourist season. 
 I gravitated over to the quilts and asked about them.  They were made by Granny about 100 years ago.  Beautiful.
 Merchandise was ready to be displayed...
 ...various displays were being prepared.
 There were plenty of antiques...
 ...so nicely displayed to create the right setting for the story teller.
 The Story Teller exchanged some stories with My Honey, too.  ;)

 Tim and his bride have purchased the old Citizens Bank building across and down the street.  They have plans for preservation of the building and a museum there.
 These are pieces from the old bank.
 And, of course The Story Teller told us all about them.
 If you check out his web site, you'll see some of the above items in an old photo of the inside of the bank.
 Once a week Tim gives a radio program over the Internet...
 ...from this little corner of his big world.  You can find it via his web site.

At Christmas Tim plays the part of the Toy Maker.  He is perfectly located across the street from the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad where the Polar Express train ride is a huge part of the Christmas season.

Meeting these lovely people was one of those benefits of visiting places in the off season.  This was such a fun trip!

Now it's time for lunch!  Pictures tomorrow.  ;)




Diana said...

What a nice gentleman Lois! I liked it when you said that you "GRAVITATED" towards the quilts, you are cute!! Thinking about how old they are makes them priceless!
We have a Pioneer village in our town that reminds me of this place in Bryson City. It's very interesting to walk into the different buildings and imagine the people long ago that were in them. Love Di ♥

Sherry said...

Lois, this is your best post ever!!! Can't tell you how much I enjoyed this one. I'm coming back to it again when I have more time.

Montanagirl said...

Very nice and informative post, Lois. You get to visit and see the most interesting things and people! Enjoyed it.

Julie Ferguson said...

Fun trip.... I love the quilts and antiques.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Lois, showed this post and the previous one about Bryson City, NC to Grenville and he's all excitied about the Great Smokey Railroad andeven thinking aout a road trip to visit.

Elaine said...

Bryson City looks like a lovely place to visit. We do a lot of our traveling in the off season and sometimes it is is better than during the season. Great posts about an interesting town.

Wanda..... said...

Enjoyed seeing the exhibits, Lois. Our small town's original bank is now an old-fashhioned ice cream parlor...it has an open vault for one to view, it sits along the old railroad tracks, which is now the Little Miami Bike Trail, where there is a caboose and train depot. Love viewing the past.

EG CameraGirl said...

I bet this is a popular stop during tourist season. I would enjoy stopping there!