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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Questions and Answers - Freedom of the Seas

Good morning,

One of the events on board some cruise ships is the question and answer session with the senior officers of the ship.   Here the Human Resources Director, Chief Engineer, Staff Captain, Hotel Director, Captain, and Cruise Director take questions and provide answers.
Cruise Staff circulate in the audience with microphones taking questions...
...and the officers provide answers.

There is a handout of ship statistics provided as guests enter the theater and a short movie about the ship is shown before the session, so the basic questions are answered in advance, but there are always some unusual questions, too.

The day I took these images, there was a young boy in the audience who had quite a series of questions that provided some laughs and some serious answers.  Below are some of his questions that brought some of the biggest laughs.  After the first couple of questions, the officers asked if anyone had any positive questions to ask.  Read on and you'll see why!

Did the ship ever sink and you had to raise it up again? 

Did you ever hit anything?

How do you keep from hitting the whales and fish?

Did anyone ever fall overboard?

Have you ever left anyone in a port? Were they mad?

Who's driving the "boat?"  (Ed note: This is not a "boat."  This is a ship.)

Why doesn't the ship turn over?

Where does the rain go when it rains on the ship?

What do you do with the ice sculptures when they melt?

How do you know you are the world's smallest captain?

Did you ever run out of food?

Do you ever see your family?

May I shake your hand?

And, after that last question, our very good captain gladly agreed.

This was a fun morning.  ;)




Wanda..... said...

The young boy was very creative with his questions!

Diana said...

Some very patient staff and Captains to be sure!
Love Di ♥

Lois Evensen said...

Good morning,

Yes, he was an interesting young man to have in the audience. I began to wonder if his Mom was giving him the questions. ;)

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Very best,