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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cowl Scarf - Knit

Good morning,

Recently I showed you the booties I made from a pattern I found in the Fall 2010 issue of Knit Simple Magazine, page 92.
While working on the booties, I admired the cowl scarf pattern in the center column.  The pattern is an adult size, but I wanted to make it for my twin granddaughters.  They'll be nine years old next month and like to snow ski, so this looks like a great scarf that won't unwind, untie, or blow in the wind or get tangled while they are skiing. The alternating rows of knits and purls produce an accordion-type fabric that will fold together neatly and comfortably at the neck without too much bulk.
To make it smaller, I simply used a thinner yarn than called for in the pattern and it worked out perfectly.  Of course, I made two of them and have now started hats to match by incorporating a similar pattern stitch. 

I hope to have the hats finished tomorrow so I can publish my pattern for them if you would like to make them, too.





Anonymous said...

what a great idea! Looks like it would be so warm on cold days and great for skiing granddaughters...debbie

River Glorious said...

we need a model to really appreciate the design and workmanship displayed here...


Lois Evensen said...

Good morning,

Yes, Debbie, this will be very warm and perfect for skiing. I'm thinking of making one for myself even though I don't snow ski these days. ;)

River, I agree. I would love to have the models nearby, but they are a couple thousand miles away where we don't see them every day. Right now we are closer to you than we are to them. When we get home we will still be across a mountain range from them. :(

Thank you, ladies, for stopping by.

Very best,