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Monday, February 15, 2010

Conversation with Erik - A Short Picture Story

Good morning,

Today I am featuring a picture story for everyone who loves dogs especially the children in my family who aren't able to see Erik every day.

The picture story is a conversation I had with Erik, our ten month old Labrador Retriever.  This is Erik's first winter so it is the first time he has seen snow.



Conversation with Erik

Me:  Erik?

Erik:  Yes?
Me:  What did you do today?

Erik:  I went out.
Me:  What did you see out there?
Erik:  I saw snow!
Erik:  So, I came in to get Penny!
Erik:  And Penny and I went out in the snow!
Your logs were covered.
Penny and I played for a long time and she told me all about snow!
The lights on the lamp post were on in the day time.
And, our pool was frozen so we couldn't get a drink.
Me:  What did you do then?
Erik:  Penny and I came in to get a drink in the kitchen, then watched the snow through the living room french doors.

Happy winter,