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Friday, January 29, 2010

Knit Patchwork Sweater Inspired by The Cat in the Hat

Good morning,

As promised yesterday, here is my sweater design inspired by a sweater the grand kids and I saw in The Cat in the Hat movie. That famous cat wears a sweater during an "infomercial" that is similar to what I have designed. While watching it with the kids, I said, "There's a neat sweater." The kids agreed so my task was clear. I have made six of these now: 4 for the youngest grand kids, 1 for my grand niece, and 1 for a friend's grandchild. Of course, each sweater is different. I used a swatch to get my gauge right. After making the first sweater, I was on a roll for the rest. I used my measurement chart to get the size right for each child.  See yesterday's article for more information about measurements.

The comments on these are overwhelmingly positive and they are so much fun to make. I simply group yarns of like content and weight in pleasing color combinations and start knitting. The color changes are somewhat, but not totally random as I "play" with the combinations lining them up and seeing how the sweater parts will match up as I go. I do make some "rules for the game" about how big the color patches are and in what direction I will "tilt" them.

The bottom band, neck band, and cuffs are always one color that is not used elsewhere in the sweater. It's a fun project and never gets dull. To make color changes it is important to twist the yarn of old and new colors on the back side to be sure no hole forms where the colors change. The colorful images of my youngest grandson wearing the Cat in the Hat inspired sweater were taken while he was building a Viking Ship with his grandfather/my husband.

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