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Monday, January 18, 2010

Candy Bouquets

Good morning,

Today we have a project with pictures from home from my daughter, Catherine. She's our guest blogger today with these darling little table decorations that have so many uses and can be made in colors for any occasion.

My husband and I are at sea for ten weeks and are lucky to have such a great daughter who sends us "care packages" containing our mail and various treats and surprises twice a week. She sent us one of these little lollipop vases and it graces our coffee table. I must admit, I've eaten two of the lollipops, but I carefully rearranged the remaining lollipops to try to cover up for those that are "missing."

We will be home in Cincinnati next month where Catherine, my husband, our two Labrador Retrievers (see Erik and Penny in the Liver Cookie Recipe post), and I will enjoy being a family in the same house together for a few weeks. We look forward to seeing other family and friends while we are at home, too.

Very best,


Candy Bouquets

bud vase,
floral foam,
tissue paper

Cut floral foam to fit into bud vase. Wrap with green tissue paper, insert foam and paper into vase. Cut additional tissue paper into squares, approximately 3" x 3". Push lollipop sticks through center of tissue squares, and wrap tissue around the lollipop to form petals.

Stick first tissue paper-lollipop in center of foam. Carefully bend the sticks of additional tissue-paper lollipops to fit around the first "bud" in the bouquet. Insert lollipops into foam until bouquet is full.

Finish with a ribbon around the vase.


I was looking for a little something to take to a holiday business lunch. These bouquets were fun to put together, and fit down into tiny gift bags for a real "gift" look. I used one for a hostess gift at another event. I also think these would be adorable for Valentine's Day, or little "thinking of you" tokens.

I swiped the yellow tissue paper for these from a gift bag that was saved to use again. Waste not, want not. I like the "solid" color bouquets over the mixed colors, and I'm sure it'd be fun to do these for place settings with a theme color.

The lollipops in the pictures are Charms; Tootsie pops would be good too. OK, now I'm hungry...

I'm still new to the candy bouquet thing, and I'm interested to make bigger projects. Also, these little vases are a little top-heavy with 7 lollipops in them. Mom's better at tying bows than I am; she'd get a more professional look. One thing I will say, these little buds seem to hold together pretty well. Almost too pretty to eat... almost! /insert evil laugh here!



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