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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Quick Crochet Project - Pony Tail Holder

Good Morning,

Yesterday I wrote about learning to knit from my third grade teacher. I learned many things from my Mom, too, such as how to cook, sew, garden, and tat to name just a few. When my brothers and I got home from school, the house was always filled with aromas of a full dinner being prepared and some wonderful dessert to follow. As I look at Mom's recipes now, I note most start with a cup of sugar. Needless to say, I've adapted some of those to be healthier, but sometimes still have to make them "right." Every ballet costume I wore was sewn by Mom and her tatting decorated countless linen handkerchiefs. I was lucky to have grown up with the concept that a little bit of love goes into everything that we make with our hands.

Here is the quick project I promised yesterday. This is a good project for a craft boutique. It's perfect to do with young crocheters in your household and a great project if you have children visiting for the holidays, too. When we grow up some of our fondest memories are of the things our parents and grandparents taught us to do. Now is a good time to use the special time the holidays provide to share some of our talents with the kids.

Fancy Crocheted Pony Tail Holders

Gauge: Not very important, but your work should be snug around the elastic pony tail holder.

Materials:  Small amounts of just about any kind of yarn. Novelty yarns can produce great results.

Size G, H, I, or J crochet - experiment and use whatever is right for the yarn are using.

Commercial elastic pony tail holders in colors that blend with your yarn. It is important to get holders that have no metal parts so your yarn will slide all the way around without catching.

Round 1: Make a slip stitch on hook and pull tight.  Working into the inside and over the holder, join with sc, *ch 3, sc over pony tail holder. Repeat from * around sliding the sc together and covering the holder without stretching. Join with ss.

You can stop here if you wish. The lavender and red holders in the image are just one round.

Round 2: ss into ch 3 space, ch 2 (counts as first dc), 3 dc in space (4 dc in space), *4 dc in next ch 3 sp of round 1. Repeat from * around, join with ss. Break off and weave in end.

The grey and blue holders in the image were made with these two rounds.

You're finished!

But, now it's time to make the next one truly yours by first threading some beads on your yarn (pony beads work fine on worsted weight yarn), and sliding one bead up to the hook on the second chain of each chain 3 made on the first round. Or, change colors between round 1 and round 2. Or, use ribbon instead of yarn. Or, use your imagination to do something else!

Enjoy! Comments? I love to hear from you.



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