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Thursday, September 10, 2020

New Collars for the Kids

Good morning,

The pup's new collars have arrived!  I order new ones every once in awhile and most are shared among the four "kids." 

That top nautical collar is great for our dock divers.  Erik will look quite distinguished in it, too.

The purple hippo collar is in honor of our neighbor the famous Fiona the Hippo who was born and lives at the Cincinnati Zoo, only moments from our home.  She is a wonderful neighbor.

All of our pups are stars so that red collar with stars is pretty for any and all of them.

And, of course, Halloween is coming!  We surely won't be going door to door this year, but the reflective collar is great for any year that we do end up doing that.  In the past, the pups have dressed up to go to the club, but I'm not so sure we'll be doing that this year with the social distancing rules in effect.

I've ordered collars from Canine Design for years. Their collars are unique, well made, and service is fast and efficient. 

Although our pups don't usually wear collars at home, I'm sure you'll see pictures of them wearing some of these at events in the future.