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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Happy Birthday to My Honey

Happy Birthday to My Honey! 

He took this selfie while we waited at the dentist recently.  That's how he looks whenever we leave the house.  Now you'll know him when you see him.  ;)
The lighting on my side of the room when I took my selfie wasn't as good, but we can tell we are a matched pair.

Yes, I made the masks and we are very happy about the way they fit.  They are crocheted, washable, have comfy elastic ear loops, and are lined with a new coffee filter each time we wear them.  The coffee filters are great!   We have plenty of them, they fit the masks perfectly, they are a food grade item, and it is easy to breathe through them.

So Happy Birthday, Sweetie!  We'll take the masks off at home and enjoy a yummy meal to celebrate.


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gigi-hawaii said...

Happy birthday! Aloha from Hawaii.