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Friday, June 26, 2020

Penny's Breakfast

Good morning,

Penny, our champion Yellow Lab, is nearly fifteen and a half now.  This is Penny's breakfast in an omlette pan.  She has always eaten raw food, but now I change it a little because she has difficulty eating without a little help.

Now I put her food in an omelette pan, then just heat it slightly while chopping into hash.  Included:  1/3 to 1/2 pound hamburger, one egg, a scoop of chopped veggie mixture that Catherine makes for all of the pups for their raw diet, one slice of my home made bread (no preservatives), a little milk, and an egg.  She gets this twice a day. 

She normally wouldn't need the bread, but not only does she love it, we are trying to put a little weight back on her. 

After it is cool enough, I bury her supplements and pills in it, then feed it to her with a spoon.  She gobbles it down so I guess she approves of my cooking. 

Penny is very special.



MarkD60 said...

Wow! Nice breakfast!

Tanya said...

Better than MY breakfast!