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Sunday, February 9, 2020

Grocery Day

Good morning,

We are creatures of habit.  We generally have a routine appointment on Tuesday mornings, then do our other errands at the post office, bank, grocery, wood/craft stores, and/or elsewhere after the appointment.

By the time we get home, we're ready for something to eat.  I generally pick up some deli goodies - this time it was ham and cheese - so we can make a quick nutritious snack when we get home.

I get a kick out of the Facebook memes that spotlight how we change.  As we age, a day out is doing the errands.  A good fast food meal is a fresh deli sandwich at home.

Oh, yes, we remind ourselves often that retirement is so good!


1 comment:

gigi-hawaii said...

That looks like a very good sandwich. I should buy some ingredients from our deli, too.